The music industry has changed and has switched almost exclusively to social media and streaming. TikTok has become the #1 vehicle that can literally make stars overnight with a simple 15 second viral video for an unknown artist. The way things are setup now have never been easier for an unsigned/independent artist to get lucky and break through with a song they made last night. But the strategic blueprint must be executed correctly!

Success starts at the top with TikTok and trickles down like so:

  • TikTok video begins to go viral
  • Fans want to hear the whole song and migrate to Spotify or Apple Music to stream it in full
  • Fans then want to see the official video on YouTube and migrate to view it there next
  • Fans then migrate to Instagram, Twitter, etc. to follow artist
  • Following is created and financial opportunities begin to roll in to capitalize on and monetize

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